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if you are interested in submitting a document to be considered as a potential speaker for the symposium, kindly download the template for presenting your work from this link.

Once downloaded, please proceed to complete the provided form below:

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We are pleased to announce that all the partecipant at ORAL or POSTER presentation will be assessed by the public of FRUTIC 2024 International Symposium for the Scientist Award.

Each scientist partecipant will be able to vote once for ORAL and once for POSTER presentation. It will then possible to draw up a ranking.

This award provides financial support for the winner to publish their research on an Open Access IF Journal, the Journal of Agricultural Engineering (

The winners will be three awardees for ORAL presentation and three for POSTER presentation. In case of withdrawals, the possibility will be given following the ranking.

The counting of votes, perfomed along the Symposium, and the announcement of the winners for both presentations, will be announced during the Social Dinner on 9 May 2024.