Frutic2024 comes to Rimini, Italy, as part of the prestigious Macfrut exhibition, providing an exceptional platform for a research network on emerging technologies and sustainable practices in the fresh produce industry. The conference will encompass a wide range of topics, focusing on technological advancements in production, harvest, postharvest, distribution, and quality control of fruit, nuts, and vegetables. By bringing together scientists, academics, and industry professionals, Frutic2024 aims to foster collaboration, disseminate knowledge, share practical experiences, and develop roadmaps to achieve common goals.

The presentation of high-quality research enables producers to meet consumer demands while ensuring a safe, affordable, and sustainable product. Over the years, the fruit and vegetable sector has witnessed significant advancements in both cultivation and transformation processes. Concepts such as digitalization and sustainability have prompted a re-evaluation of production methods, emphasizing environmental considerations and consumer well-being.

Against this backdrop, the conference aims to explore the latest technological developments in cultivation and postharvest processes. Precision farming continues to provide practical solutions for efficient orchard management. Automation and sensor technologies employed in transformation processes enhance product quality control, expand the range of offerings (including fresh-cut fruits and vegetables), reduce waste, and minimize costs.

FJoin us at Frutic2024 in Rimini, Italy, where industry leaders, researchers, and practitioners will converge to shape the future of the fresh produce industry. Together, we will advance technologies, embrace sustainability, and drive innovation, aiming at a prosperous and resilient industry for years to come.

9th May
  • 09.30 Opening Ceremony
  • 10.00 Keynote
  • 11.00 Break – Poster session
  • 11.30 Oral session 1
  • 13.00 Lunch
  • 15.00 Oral session 2
  • 16.30 Break – Poster session
  • 17.00 Oral session 3
  • 20.00 Social Dinner
10th May
  • 09.00 Oral session 4
  • 10.30 Roundtable
  • 11.00 Break – Poster session
  • 12.30 Closing Ceremony
  • MACFRUT Technical Tour


Digital System

Emergency sensor

The smart agriculture industry is continually growing and expanding, with new solutions coming to the market almost daily. Devices that aggregate sensor data, relay critical information to farmers and ranchers, and help optimize vast agricultural processes are continually increasing in capability and importance.

Energy saving evaluation

Machinery and robots